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Library Policies

Library Computers

Library workstations and Internet connections are provided to support the curriculum and research activities of USI students, staff, and faculty. All of the computers in Rice Library are for research and coursework. When Library Computer Labs A and B are not reserved for instruction or training, the workstations in these rooms are also available for student use. The library reserves the right to ask users to release any computer that is being used to play a game,access personal e-mail, or is being used inappropriately.

The Rice Library is a wireless accessible building. Anyone who has a personal device may access the university's wireless network by opening a web browser and following the instructions for the appropriate device. For more detailed information go to

The full University data communication and computer use policy may be found at

Reviewed: November 2018
Responsible Unit: Administration

Laptops and Tablets for Students

Laptops and tablets are available at the checkout counter for currently enrolled students. Students must present their USI Eagle Access card to borrow devices. Students are required to have a signed responsibility form on file before borrowing any device.

  • Laptops are loaned for a period of 4 weeks. They may be renewed unless others are waiting to borrow a laptop. 
  • Tablets are loaned for 2 weeks..

All technology devices must be returned to the Library Services Counter; not returned in book or AV drop boxes. Please make sure you speak with a library services employee before leaving the laptop.  If something is not working correctly, please report  it when the device is returned. The borrower is responsible replacement costs should the device be lost or stolen while under the borrower's account. 

The library is not responsible for user files saved to public computer or any electronic device available for checkout. 

Reviewed: February 2024
Responsible Unit: Checkout

Equipment/Devices For Faculty and Staff

A variety of devices are available for use by faculty and staff. Devices are generally loaned for a period of 2 weeks at a time; but an extended loan period may be requested.  Users must present their Eagle Access ID card at the time of checkout. Access to these items is based on availability.  If you have a future need for an item, please complete the Employee Equipment Request Form or you may call (812) 464-1913.

Reviewed: February 2024
Responsible Unit: Checkout

Guest Access

Anyone who has a personal device may access the university's wireless network. Guests should use the connection titled USIGuest. Open a web browser and follow the instructions for the appropriate device. For more detailed information go to

Guests who want full access to David L. Rice Library's online catalog and databases must log in at one of the desktop computers. Guests who would like to use one of the library's desktop computers will need to stop at the Library Services counter and ask for a guest password. These passwords generate and change daily.

  • Guest will need a valid and current state ID (such as a driver's license).
  • Because the passwords are shared passwords, users need to delete any saved files, documents, or personal passwords that they use during their session.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for files saved to computers under a guest login.

Reviewed: February 2024
Responsible Unit: Checkout