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Library Databases and Resources for Labor and Employment Research

External Sites for Labor and Employment Research

General suggestions for finding labor and employment information in the wild

  • National, state, and local governments routinely track employment statistics and may have extensive regulatory resources available online, which makes them an excellent place to start looking.
  • Unions may provide useful research resources for the general public as well as for their members, sometimes in partnership with academic institutions (see, for example, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Labor History Research Center at George Washington University). Labor union sites are often good places to get a current snapshot of labor activist priorities and labor-centered views on business news (good for breadth of perspective).
  • Quite a lot is written about labor and employment issues in disciplines outside of business or economics (particularly psychology, political science, the health sciences, and sociology), so don't be afraid to branch out into material in those disciplines to find information you can use.

Some useful sites for labor and employment information