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Databases and Library Resources for Company Research

External Sites for Company Research

General suggestions for finding company information in the wild

  • Company websites often have a wealth of information (including annual reports, which are extremely useful), although they may not always share some of the financial material and related data that you want -- use library databases like Nexis Uni to check and flesh out what companies share on their official sites.
  • Follow both the companies that interest you and a variety of business news sources on social media (esp. Twitter). Let hashtags and trends help you find out what you want to know! Don't be afraid to get creative and to read widely!
  • Regional business associations or Chambers of Commerce often maintain local directories of member businesses, as well as some local resources and links to connect you to other regional company or industry associations (see, for example, the Southwest Indiana Chamber).

Some useful sites for financials, patents, specialized terminology, etc.