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Databases and Library Resources for International Business Research

External Sites for International Business Research

General suggestions for finding international business information

  • Be aware that while English is widely used in international commerce, you may need to deliberately seek sites and information in translation if you don't speak the language in which the information you need is written; otherwise, explore the library's collection of language dictionaries for assistance. Also: be aware that there may be spelling variations for names and technical terms, depending on language, that will alter the effectiveness of your search terms.
  • Always make sure you know the currency in which a company's financials are reported. Don't assume USD.
  • Be aware that other countries may have local industrial classification systems and regulations that require your attention.
  • Global companies often have country-specific versions of their corporate sites (like McDonalds Japan -- which can provide useful information about the company's operations in that country.

Some useful sites for international business information