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How To Cite Sources: Chicago and Turabian

This guide provides links to tip sheets for commonly used citation styles.

The Chicago Manual of Style: Basics

One Manual, Two Styles

The Seventeenth Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS17) supports two different citation systems:

  • Author-Date (typically used in the physical and social sciences, much like APA) 
  • Notes and Bibliography (mostly used in the humanities, as well as in some of the social sciences)

As you look for CMS17 citation help, be sure to find out which system your work requires and refer specifically to the guidance that applies to that system. Both your in-text citations and your reference lists/bibliographies will differ according to which version you use.

Example Sheets

CMS17 citation models for both systems, ready to download and save or print out for your convenience.

Online Resources for the Chicago Manual of Style

Citation Guides and Examples

Citation Generator

Footnote Help

What About Turabian?

Kate L. Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers is a basic guide to formatting, research work, and citations using the rules set out in the Chicago Manual of Style. Where the full Chicago Manual of Style is created and organized primarily for the use of editors, Turabian's helpful distillation of CMS style is designed for writers and researchers, and is therefore written with them in mind. Think of it as "Chicago Lite" -- all the juicy citation and research basics without the heavy behind-the-scenes publishing and editing stuff that makes CMS itself such a hefty resource.

The most current edition of Turabian is the 9th, and its presentation is consistent and up to date with CMS17. If you need citation models/tip sheets, the material currently provided on this Chicago guide is fine. You may also find the Turabian Quick Guide (linked below) a helpful resource.