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Creating Groups in Zotero

Groups allow you to collaborate with other Zotero users through a shared Library.

  1. Create your Zotero group

    • Go to and select the Groups tab
    • Click on Create a New Group
  2. Name your group and select a group type
    • Zotero has three group types
      • Public, Open group: anyone online can view and join your group
      • Public, Closed group: anyone online can view your group, but needs an invitation from a group admin to join the group
      • Private Membership: an invitation from a group admin is required to view and join the group.
  3. Set your group settings
    • To set your group settings, click on the Group’s name, and on the following page, click Group Settings
    • Note that if you select group file storage, the group library’s storage will pull from the group owner’s storage space (the person who created the group)
  4. Invite group members
    • On the Group Settings page, select Member Settings
    • To invite more members, click on Send More Invitations
    • ​​​Once your group is created, there will be a corresponding Group Folder in your Zotero LibraryScreenshot of Zotero group settings highlighting member settings link
  5. Add references to your group
    • This works just like other Zotero folders—drag your references from your Library and place them into the Group Library

This page based on the Davidson College Library Zotero guide, shared under a CC BY-SA license.