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How to Add Sources to Zotero

Make sure you have installed the Zotero Connector.

Once installed the connector will appear as an icon in your browser toolbar.

Sample Zotero icons such as page, book, and folder

Various Zotero icons. Icons will change based on your current webpage (i.e. an article in JSTOR will show the article icon)

To add a source to Zotero, click on the Zotero icon in your browser toolbar.

Location of Zotero save reference icon to right of browser bar

Zotero will save relevant information about the source into your Zotero Library, such as:

  • Author name
  • Item title
  • Page numbers
  • Journal title/volume (if applicable)
  • URL
  • PDF (if it is available from where the item was saved)
  • Tags and subject terms relevant to the item

This information will help you organize and access the source at a later time and provide citation informaiton.

Note: Depending on the website/database you are using, the information saved from Zotero might not be perfect. It is important to check what is saved into Zotero to make sure it is accurate.

This page based on the Davidson College Library Zotero guide, shared under a CC BY-SA license.