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CMST 101

Find the sources you need for your CMST speeches.

Evaluate Films and Documentaries

Remember, you should always take the time to evaluate videos and documentaries just as you would any other resource you plan to use in your research. 
Who is responsible for the creation of the video? Do they have listed credentials? Are they associated with a reputable institution? Do they have ties to any communities or cultures discussed in the video? 
What is the purpose of this video (i.e. was it made to entertain, inform, or persuade)? Is there a video description that provides an explicit summary of that purpose?  
If this is a documentary or informational video, where is the information coming from? Is there a bibliography or listed references? Is the video hosted on the website of an established institution?
When was the video created? Does the currency of the information directly impact your subject?
Why is this video useful for your research? Is it necessary for your research or could you find the information through a better source?

Video Databases or Repositories with Multicultural, or Culturally-Specific Content

YouTube Channels