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University Archives and Special Collections Handbook

Policy and procedure manual for the UASC unit

Dress Code

Question: Is there a dress code for student assistants?

Answer: Yes; there is only two requirements.

Shoes must be closed (i.e.: tennis shoes) and cannot wear open toe shoes (i.e.: sandals, flip flops, Crocs). If you want to wear open toe shoes, then you must keep a pair of closed toe shoes in the office or bring them in for your shift.

Due to the the majority of the department's visitors are primarily students, faculty/staff, and members of the public, we ask that you dress in "office-casual" (jeans, t-shirt, sweatpants, etc.). If you wear t-shirts or sweat shirts, please be sure they are not offense or have a political statement.

Requesting Time Off

Question: If I have a test to study for or a paper to finish writing, can I take a day off to work on it?

Answer: Yes. The staff's goal is to see you succeed in your academic studies; however, please check with the Library Associate and let them know about the situation. We ask you give us a few days or a week notice, if you plan on taking some time off to work on homework or a general day off.

Post your hours in the "Archives" GroupMe account to see if a fellow student assistant can cover your hour(s).

If someone does take your hours, please notify the staff via email at or call the department number at (812) 228-5046, as soon as possible about the switch.

Remember: As a student assistant, you cannot go over twenty hours per week. 

Homework Policy

Question: Can I do homework during my work shift?

Answer: No, unless given special permission and approval of the University Archivist or next in command. 

Only Staff Member in the Department

Question: What do I when I am the only person in the department during my shift when there is no full-time staff members in that day?

Answer: This will depend on the time of your shift; however, if you are the only person in the department, the front doors must be locked at all times. If you need to use the restroom, sign out a student assistant key card from the box in RL 3024 and post the "Be Right Back" sign on the front door.

If there is no full-time staff in during the morning shift, at 8:00 AM, walk down to the Library Administration on the 2nd floor. Speak to Jennifer Moore-Thomas (if she is not there, speak with Janet Ruddell or Tammy Jewell) and ask her to unlock the front door of the department because there is no full-time staff members in. Keep the doors unlocked until the library associate comes in; however, if the library associate does not come in, keep the front door unlocked.

If there is no full-time staff members in the department before you leave, then try to wait for the next student assistant to come in for their shift. If you have to leave early for your next class, call Janet Ruddell from Library Administration (x1824) and let her know the situation. If she is able to come up to relieve you to go to class, then wait for her to come up and when she arrives, you may leave for class.

No Classes / University Closure

Question: What is the procedure if classes are canceled or the university is closes due to inclement weather?

Answer: If classes are canceled, you do not have to come in and work your normally, scheduled shift; however, if you would like to work, then you are welcomed to work.

If the university is closed, the department is automatically closed and do not come in to work your normally, scheduled shift.