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VoiceThread Basics

Tutorials and tips for working with VoiceThread

Welcome to the VoiceThread Basics Guide! This page collects links to some video tutorials and help resources for campus VoiceThread users. If you're having technical issues with logging in, saving, etc., please contact the Campus IT Helpdesk. Otherwise, your friendly Liaison Librarians are available to assist you!

Adding Comments to a VoiceThread

There are a few different kinds of comments that users may add to a VoiceThread. Here, we've included a video demonstration for adding comments to the timeline of a VT video. Below, we provide a link to VT's basic How to Comment guide.

Adding and Editing VoiceThread Captions

At USI, we've set up VoiceThread to provide instant captions, which means that you don't need to upload a separate file for captioning. Instead, once you record or upload media to VT, the system will create captions for you, which you can then edit to correct any errors that might have occurred during the automated caption process. Here's a brief video demonstration (followed by a link to VT's support documentation).