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UNIV 101

Find Resources with fUSIon

What is fUSIon?

fUSIon is a search tool. Think if it as the Google of library resources. You can use fUSIon to search for library books and ebooks, as well as for news and newspaper articles, scholarly articles, images, and a variety of other information sources from the library's databases. fUSIon also connects you to your library account, so you can renew books online.

When do I use it?

  • Any time you are looking for books or ebooks
  • To access electronic course reserves
  • In the early stages of research, when you're looking to see what kinds of sources are available
  • If you have an interdisciplinary research topic. Some databases can be very discipline-specific (e.g. Biology), so if your research spans multiple fields of study (e.g. Bioethics), fUSIon can bring together a wide variety of sources from different databases.