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Political Science


Because the University of Southern Indiana serves a tri-state region including Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, we've included links to those state legislative resources here. In order to find the official state government sites for other US states and territories, go to the State Governments listing at Select the state you're interested in from the drop-down menu on that page, and then click on the state's name in the Official Name box to go to the state's official government website. Additional resources for state government can be found via The National Conference of State Legislatures. You may also find a tidy guide to state law and state legislative sites at Justia.

For more links to state legislation (statutes, codes, etc.), please refer to the Law and Legislation Research Guide. The Nexis Uni database is also a useful source for state and federal statutes and legislation (particularly if you're looking for historical legislative records).

Federal and State Government Links

Note: For more detailed information about US courts and legislation, please consult the Law and Legislation Research Guide.