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Campus Express

What is Campus Express?

Campus Express is a service offered to USI faculty and staff. It provides delivery of Rice Library and Interlibrary Loan materials via USI campus mail.

Participants receive an email notification when their materials are put in campus mail and can expect delivery to their campus mailbox within 3 workdays. Materials may be returned through campus mail or dropped off at the Rice Library Services counter by the designated due date.

How to Request Rice Library books be delivered via Campus Express

Campus delivery of Rice Library books for faculty and staff is currently unavailable via the library catalog. If you would like to have Rice Library books delivered to your campus mailbox, please use this request form. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact if you have questions or concerns.

How to Sign up for Campus Express

If creating a new account, select “Mail to Address” option for the Campus Express Delivery to Department Mailbox field.

If you already have an ILL account, find “Profile” at the top of the ILL page, and click “Update Profile” for the Campus Express Delivery to Department Mailbox field.