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RADT424: Introductory Research Guide (Prof. Schmuck)

A basic resource for using library databases to find and cite research materials

General Research Links and Citation Help


Citation Help

Research Basics and Database Tricks

Source Evaluation Help

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

Scholarly Sources Popular Sources
  • - Written by experts, for experts (PhDs and other credentialed scholars and specialists)
  • - Often peer reviewed or refereed
  • - Written by communication professionals or laypeople for a general (non-expert) audience
  • - NOT peer reviewed or refereed


  • - Research articles/studies
  • - Books or monographs published by academic or university presses
  • - Clinical studies or trials
  • - Conference presentations or proceedings


  • - Newspaper or popular magazine articles
  • - Editorials or opinion pieces
  • - Blogs
  • - Social media posts
  • - Mass-market or popular press books



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