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SPAN 102 - Hitchcock

Images and Artwork

Reference Databases

If you are looking for background information on a person, place, event, idea, or tradition, reference databases are a great place to begin your research.

Search with fUSIon

Continue your research by looking for books, ebooks, articles, or images with fUSIon.

When entering keywords or terms into a search field in a database:

  • Use quotation marks to combine multiple words into a single phrase or concept.
    Example: "magical realism"
                     "dia de los muertos" 
  • Connect key terms with AND to specify you want resources that include both terms.
    Example: peru AND cuisine
  • Add synonyms or related terms to your search to expand your resource pool. Connect those with OR to find resources that contain one, some, or all of the terms.
    Examplecuisine OR food
  • Enclose related terms and synonyms in parentheses to specify that the database should parse them as a single unit. (Think mathematical order of operations.)
    Example:(cuisine OR food) AND barcelona