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SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository) at USI

This guide discusses SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository).

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Peter Whiting

Scholarly Communication Librairan

Scholarly Communication Unit
David L. Rice Library

The Scholarly Communication Unit of the David L. Rice Library is available to help the USI community navigate new modes of sharing and teaching, including open access, open education, author's rights and copyright. We offer online one-on-one consultations, workshops, and will happily attend group Zoom and Team meetings as well.

Who Benefits from Open Access?


  • Increases readers' ability to find use relevant to literature
  • Increases the visibility, readership and impact of author's work
  • Creates new avenues for discovery in digital environment
  • Enhances interdisciplinary research
  • Accelerates the pace of research, discovery and innovation

Educational Institutions

  • Contributes to core mission of advancing knowledge.
  • Democratizes access across all institutions - regardless of size or budget
  • Provides previously unattainable access to community colleges, two-year colleges, K-12 and other schools
  • Provides access to crucial STEM materials.
  • Increases competitiveness of academic institutions
  • Students
  • Enriches the quality of their education
  • Ensures access to all that students need to know, rather wheat they (or their school) can afford
  • Contributes to a better-educated workforce


  • Provides access to previously unavailable materials relating to health, energy, environment, and other areas of broad interest
  • Creates better educated populace
  • Encourages support of scientific enterprise and engagement in citizen science

Research Funders

  • Leverage return on investment
  • Creates tools to manage research portfolios
  • Avoids funding duplicate research
  • Creates transparency
  • Encourages greater interaction with results of funded research


  • Access to cutting-edge research encourages innovation
  • Stimulates new ideas, new services, new products
  • Creates new opportunities for job creation