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SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository) at USI

This guide discusses SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository).

SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository) at USI

SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository) is a digital repository and publishing platform that provides open access to scholarly works created by USI faculty, students, and staff. Rice library is committed to disseminating USI research and scholarship as widely and open access as possible in SOAR.

Including your work in SOAR is fast, easy, and will yield impressive benefits. There are two ways that you can add your work in SOAR:

  • You can start adding your work by logging into SOAR by clicking on Submssion and enter your MyUSI login credientials
  • Another way to add your work is to have the Scholarly Communication Unit upload your work.  Contact Peter Whiting, Scholarly Communication Librarian
Benefits of SOAR include:
  • Discoverability and Impact. Enhancing the visibility of research by making it more discoverable in Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines. Increased visibility and access to your work increases impact. Publishers allow scholarly works in institutional repositories such as SOAR. Having your work in SOAR will assist in grant compliance. Searchable in Rice library's online catalog.
  • Stability. Depositing your work will ensure that it is permanently archived in SOAR. Each item is archived with a unique and stable URL.
  • You can create an Author Profile that showcases your scholarship.

Collections in SOAR

SOAR Showcase of Scholarship