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SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository) at USI

This guide discusses SOAR (Scholarly Open Access Repository).

Which Version Can I Share in SOAR?

You can make your research freely accessible in SOAR. You can find out most sharing policies that are available in a handy tool called Sherpa Romeo. An online resource that provides publishers copyright and archiving policies. 

Still not sure then contact the Scholarly Communication Unit in Rice library for guidance.


Also known as the Author's Original Manuscript (AOM). The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) definition: "Any version of a journal article that is considered by the author to be of sufficient quality to be submitted for formal peer review."

Can I share it: You can check Sherpa Romeo

Definition: It is the draft of the manuscript before formal peer-review, or the first version sent to the journal for consideration.

  • Where can you find it?
    • Search your email, computer hard drive and cloud storage
    • Contact your co-authors
    • Log into the journal's submission page and retrieve a copy of the submitted version
    • Contact the journal by email and ask for a copy of the submitted version of your article


Also known as the Accepted Manuscript (AM). The NISO definition: "The version of a journal article that has been accepted for publication in a journal."

Definition: It is the final version of the manuscript after formal peer-review that has no journal branding.

Can I share it: Check Sherpa Romeo

How to find it:

  • Search your email or computer hard drive or cloud storage
  • Contact your co-authors
  • The journal submission page will have a copy of the accepted version
  • Contact the publisher

Publisher's PDF

Known as the Version of Record (VOR). The NISO definition: "A fixed version of a journal article that has been made available by any organization that acts as a publisher by formally and exclusively declaring the article 'published.'

The publishers version is the version published in the journal. Most publishers don't allow the post-print in an institutional repository. You can find information about self-archiving in Sherpa Romeo.