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Community Relations

This research guide was developed and is maintained to support the university's CRIM 304 Community Relations course.

4. How Do I Write a Thesis Statement?

     A thesis is the central idea of a piece of writing with the entire work developing and supporting the idea.  Though sometimes unstated, a thesis should always govern a paper.  It usually appears as a thesis statement somewhere in the paper, primarily in the opening paragraph.

     For help on writing a strong thesis statement for your CRIM 304 Research Writing Assignment, study the handout entitled "Thesis Statements: A Brief Guide" linked in the box at the right.  For additional help, view the tutorial on this page entitled "Creating a Thesis" and study the Thesis Statements Research Guide.  Here you will find a Thesis Statement Checklist, a description of some characteristics of a strong thesis statement, and links to useful websites.

     Finally, if needed, don't hesitate to contact or visit the Writers' Room, located in Room 1102 of the Education Center.  Appointments with a Writing Consultant may be made by calling 812-461-5359.

     The thesis statement should be submitted on Blackboard no later than the stated deadline (see Course Syllabus).  This portion of the RWA is worth 15 points.

Handout: Thesis Statements - A Brief Guide

Tutorial: Creating a Thesis