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Community Relations

This research guide was developed and is maintained to support the university's CRIM 304 Community Relations course.

1. Where Do I Go To Find a Topic?

     Looking for an idea on which to focus your CRIM 304 Research Writing Assignment (RWA)?  Here are some possibilities for you to consider:
  • Browse Your Textbook – Look through your textbook for ideas that spark an interest.  Study the chapter titles and section headings.  Consider the pictures and their captions.  All of these may be a source of possible topics for further research.

  • Review Your Course Syllabus/Lectures – Consider the broad topics listed in your course syllabus or covered in weekly lectures (e.g. History of policing, Behavior and misconduct, etc.) for possible ideas.

  • Study Entries in a Relevant Reference Book – Think about possible topics as you look through the article titles of a standard reference book on policing such as Encyclopedia of Community Policing and Problem Solving.  Other reference books are listed in the Reference Books box on the Books tab of this Research Guide.

  • Examine Books/Search Terms – Examine the books listed on the Books tab of this Research Guide for other topic ideas.  Also consider the words and phrases in the Search Terms box and follow the links for additional books.

      Remember your research topic or question is to be approved by your professor and submitted on Blackboard no later than the stated deadline (see Course Syllabus).  This portion of the RWA project is worth 10 points.