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HP 211 Comparative Health Care Systems

This guide supports research for the HP 211 project to compare the health care delivery systems of Canada, Ireland, Germany, the UK, Japan, Australia, and Russia, with that of the U.S.

THe HP 211 Assignment

Your required essay must be 5-6 pages of information comparing the health care system of another country with that of the United States, with analysis of the differences or similarities, and your opinion on the system's effectiveness in terms of cost, quality, and access.  

The countries are: Canada, Ireland, Germany, the U.K. (Great Britain), Japan, Australia, or Russia

At least 4 sources must be used (no Wikipedia.) These can include reference books (those that don't circulate), books from our general collection, journal and magazine articles, and reputable web sites. You will need sources that give a history of the system, and sources for current information. Thus you can use one older source, and three or more recent ones. It's usually a good idea to find a few more sources than what is required, in order to have more choice in case some sources don't turn out to be as helpful as they sounded in the beginning!

Each of this guide's tabs will give you some resources to start with, whether in reference encyclopedias, recent books, and some reputable web pages. The Finding Articles tab will recommend which databases to search for journal and magazine articles.

You must use the APA style for formatting and citation of sources. You can get help with this both from the Writers' Room in the Education Building, and from your reference librarian experts in the library. Or see the APA tab here.

At any point in your work, remember that the reference librarians are here to assist- it's a huge part of our job, and we want to help you succeed.