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Use the following Call Number ranges to browse Rice Library's bookshelves. 
N call numbers are located on the 3rd Floor of the library. 
N1-(9211) Visual arts
N5300-7418 History
NA1-9428 Architecture
NA190-1555.5 History
NB1-1952 Sculpture
NB60-1115 History
NC1-1940 Drawing. Design. Illustration
NC50-266 History of drawing
ND25-3416 Painting
ND49-813 History
NE400-773 History of printmaking
NE1030-1196.3 Wood Engraving - History
NE1634-1749 Metal Engraving - History
NE1980-2055.5 Etching and Aquatint - History
NK1-(9990) Decorative Arts
NK600-806 History
NK 1175-(1498) Decoration and ornament. Design -History
NX1-820 Arts in general
NX440-632 History of the arts