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HIST 101 & 102

A research companion for CAP HIST 101 & 102

Tools for Finding Information

Getting Started

There are about as many ways to search for information as there are sources of information; and, unsurprisingly, those ways are not all equal in terms of information scope, reliability, or accessibility. This page contains a variety of tutorials and resources aimed at helping you navigate the infinite world of information to locate the most relevant, useful sources for your research.


How to Use fUSIon

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Rice Library's fUSIon tool to search for books, ebooks, scholarly articles, digital collections, and more. Anyone can search in fUSIon; but full-text access to most scholarly articles or ebooks requires a USI login.

How to Search in Databases

This tutorial covers the basics of searching in most databases. The example database shown in the videos (ProQuest Central) requires a USI login. Though INSPIRE databases such as Academic Search Premier and Humanities Full Text (freely available to all Indiana residents) have a different interface, they have the same general search functions and filtering options as the ProQuest databases. You can find a video demonstrating how to access the INSPIRE databases from the Rice Library website on the suggested resources pages of this guide.