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ENG 201: Diving Deeper

Interlibrary Loan

Searching fUSIon

fUSIon provides one-stop search for books and ebooks, newspaper articles, scholarly articles, videos, and more. If your topic is very specific or very interdisciplinary, fUSIon can be a great option to find sources across a variety of places in one search. Filters on the side of the results can help you refine your search even further.

*Pro Tip: Sign in to fUSIon with your USI credentials in the top right of the page. This will allow you to see more options, save records, and get direct access to full-text of our online subscriptions.

*Bonus Pro Tip: Watch the tutorial below to learn more features and techniques for successful fUSIon searching.

Best Bets for Articles

General Purpose Databases

General Purpose databases include a little bit of everything. No matter what your topic is, you'll probably find a few articles in these databases. But because they cover most every subject area, they don't cover any one area very deeply.  These are best for popular sources (newspapers and magazines), interdisciplinary subjects, and getting started.

Subject Specific Databases

There are dozens (and dozens) of databases that focus on just one or two subjects.  You can use these subject-specific databases to really dig deep into the literature of that field.  They will mostly include scholarly journal articles, but some also include scholarly books, dissertations, patents, and more.

Browse All USI Databases

Not seeing a database for your subject area here? Want to see what else is out there for searching? Browse the USI full database listing page to see all your options, view by subject area or type, and more.