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About IRB (Institutional Review Board)

IRB Steps

See the IRBNet User Manual for step-by-step instructions for the entire submission and approval process.

How Can I get my IRB application Approved as Fast as Possible?

1. Turn in a complete and signed application with all supporting documents (consent forms, collaboration letters, surveys, etc.). Your application will not be sent to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review until all documents are attached, even if you are waiting for one to be available. This will add to the time it will take to obtain approval.

2. Turn in an application that has been proofread. If it is full of typos or is not written so that reviewers can understand what you are proposing, it will be returned and have to be re-submitted, adding to the time it will take to obtain approval.

3. If you are uncertain as to the category your application falls in, please contact the staff in the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Administration (OSPRA) who will be happy to help with this often confusing assignment. If you know someone who is familiar with IRB, by asking them for input on your application, you can often speed up the process by avoiding common mistakes.

4. Take advantage of the consent form templates provided on the IRB website.

5. Be aware of the time required for approval for each category (exempt, expedited or convened). The time allotment for each category does not begin counting down until the RCR has received your complete application (including proof of CITI training certification) and has been sent out for review. In addition, if your application requires adjustments, the time for approval will most likely be extended. To avoid this, please refer to points 1 through 3 above.

6. Respond to every E-mail generated by the IRB or OSPRA office. The Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Administration is the liaison for communicating with you, and requests from this office are based on policies and requests for clarification established by the IRB committee.