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Serial Killers

This LibGuide was developed and maintained to support the university's CRIM 370 Serial Killers course.

Evaluating Articles Checklist

Credibility:            Is an author listed?                                                       
                             Does the author cite sources or a bibliography?               
                             Does the author cite formal credentials or experience?     
                             Can you contact the author?                                          
                             Do you know who published the article?
                             Are they reputable?                                                       
Bias:                     Does the article present information in an objective
                             Are all sides of an issue represented, or is this article
Audience:             Are the levels of articles appropriate to your needs?     
                             Do the articles cover several topics minimally or
                             one topic in detail?                                                        
Accuracy:             Does the article provide documentation for the
                             information provided?                                                   
                             Does the article provide information that contradicts
                             other sources?                                                               
                             Does the article include an explanation of its research
Currency:             Was the information recently published?                       
                             Has it been updated or revised?                                    
Relevance:         Does the information add to or support your research? 
                           Does the article provide references that are also useful?
                           Does the article provide more or less information than
                           you need?                                                                      
*  Norberg, L.  (July 15, 2008)  Evaluating Articles: Checklist.  Retrieved February 26, 2009, from the University North Carolina Libraries’ Web site: