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Social Work 241 - Career Paper Resources

You're researching for a 4-5 page paper on what social workers need 4 to 5 credible sources...everything you need to start finding information is in this LibGuide!

How Do I Get Started?

Getting four or five credible sources for your paper will be pretty easy. You can write about a broad array of jobs within the field of social work, or you can write about one or two specific areas that really interest you, and go into more detail.

Starting with a reference work such as Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, or the Encyclopedia of Social Work, will give you some basic info, and maybe help you think about how to structure your report. See the tab for Reference Books.

The library has many books in the circulating collection about careers in all fields; see the tab for Books to Check Out.

Professional, or academic, journal articles can be searched for in several databases. See the tab for Finding Articles.

The web sites of professional associations such as the National Association of Social Workers, or the federal government's annual Occupational Outlook Handbook are rich with information you can trust. See the Web Sites tab.

Need APA help? There's a tab for that too!

And of course, the best help in the library can be found at the Reference Desk. The librarians are here to guide you through the research process; it's what we do.  Or call us, 464-1907, or email

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