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Health Informatics and Information Management

Selected Health Informatics Journal Titles

Enter the following titles into Journal Finder to check availability and electronic access.

  • Health Care Analysis
  • The Health Care Manager
  • Health Data Management
  • Health Informatics Journal
  • Health Information Management Journal
  • Health Management Technology
  • Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics
  • Journal of Medical Systems

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Database Search Tips

When entering keywords or terms into a search field in a scholarly database:

  • Use quotation marks to combine multiple words into a single phrase or concept.
    Example: "medicare part b"
  • Connect key terms with AND to specify you want resources that include both terms.
    Example: medicare AND reimbursement
  • Add related terms or synonyms to widen your search. Connect these terms with OR to find resources that contain one, some, or all of the terms. 
    Example: information OR data OR records OR documentation   
  • Enclose related terms and synonyms in parentheses to specify that the database should parse them as a single unit. (Think mathematical order of operations.)
    Example: (data OR records OR information) AND patient

Suggested Databases