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Psychology Research Methods and Statistics

This Research Guide supports PSY 303.

PDF vs. HTML Full-Text?

PDF (Portable Document Format)
When used within a database, the PDF Full-Text option will allow users to see an article or resource as it originally appeared on the page.  This makes documenting a resource easier as one can easily identify page numbers and sections.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
When used in databases as HTML-Full-Text, the user will receive the text of an article or resource as a block of text.  Paragraphs will usually be defined; however, many times pages will not be indicated and images will not be included.
The Verdict:
When you have a choice, choose the PDF format as it will make citing the resource easier.

Additional Tutorials:

Why Reference Sources?

Reference sources can provide you with valuable information such as:
  • Background information
  • Important figures
  • Dates, places, and people
  • Definitions and key terms
  • Lists of additional sources (articles, books, etc.)
They are an excellent way to begin your research by allowing you to become familiar with the topic in preparation to choose the best articles, books, and additional resources.