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Search for books, ebooks, images, and articles from scholarly, trade, or news periodicals with the Rice Library's fUSIon tool.

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Use the following Call Number ranges to browse the library shelves. 
"G" call numbers are located on the 3rd floor of Rice Library.

GR1-950 Folklore

     GR72-79 Folk literature (General) Including folktales, legends

     GR81 Folk beliefs, superstitions, etc. (General)

     GR99.6-390 By region or country

     GR420-950 By subject

     GR420-426 Costume, jewelry

     GR430-488 Folklore relating to private life Including dreams, love, children, nursery rhymes, etc.

     GR500-615 Supernatural beings, demonology, fairies, ghosts, charms, etc.

     GR620-640 Cosmic phenomena, weather lore

     GR650-690 Geographical topics

     GR700-860 Animals, plants, and minerals

     GR865-874 Transportation, travel, commerce, etc.

     GR880 Medicine. Folk medicine

     GR890-915 Occupations

     GR931-935 Signs and symbols

     GR940-941 Mythical places