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Social Work
by Joanne Artz, Debbie Clark - Last Updated Dec 22, 2016
Government Documents
by Mona Meyer - Last Updated Mar 25, 2015
David L. Rice Library has been a selective federal depository library (since 1969), meaning that we don't receive all government documents, but rather choose categories of documents to receive. These categories align with USI's curriculum.
Social Work
by Joanne Artz, Instructional Services - Last Updated Aug 8, 2016
Social Work 241 - Career Paper Resources
by Joanne Artz - Last Updated Jun 9, 2014
You're researching for a 4-5 page paper on what social workers need 4 to 5 credible sources...everything you need to start finding information is in this LibGuide!
Social Work 326 - Introduction to Social Work Research
by Joanne Artz - Last Updated Apr 9, 2014
Assistance with literature review projects
Social Work 341: Social Welfare Policy
by Joanne Artz - Last Updated Oct 26, 2016
This guide suggests print and online resources to help put together the Policy Paper for this course.